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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
He's shown it...but I don't think it's fair to expect miracles

The Habs have been at best, an average team that's at times overachieved since he's been a pro.

Yes he needs to improve and become more consistent...but that's not usually something that happens until a goalie's late 20's, unless of course that goalie plays for a stacked team...which we know, Price does not.

Price is part of the team...the realistic expectations that we all have for the Habs as a team, should be the same for Carey Price.

No one here, realistically expects the Habs to be a Stanley Cup contender (doesn't mean they can't win it mind you). So is it fair to expect Price to have a sub 2.00GAA, 40 wins and a 940 sv %?
Inconsistency is the word that best describes Carey Price, he just looks like his head is not in it on way too many nights. We don't have the greatest team but when you pay a guy 6million+ dollars a year then should we not expect stellar play? It's the head scratching weak goals that he allows all to often and i'm not referring to 3 saves in a sequence when he is left out to dry, it's the goals on weak shots on the glove side or the momentum crippling goals or lack of saves in key times when we really need one. The series against the sens was ours if he played like he should have.

I ask you this question, when do we expect more from him? I have heard every excuse from his defenders, if we are such a poor team, then why not trade him to fill some of our weaknesses? The rest of the league considers him great, so lets trade him somewhere that gives us a couple mean defenseman and an average goalie. We will be a better team and he will be free from the pressures of this god awful place.

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