Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Habs Cuts (28th: Dumont clears waivers)
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09-17-2013, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
That's kind of what management wants from their play lights out.

Leblanc gets a taste of the NHL two years ago and then his game goes to ****. Leblanc feels as if he "deserves" to be in the NHL since he was called up.

That's not how it works. The AHL/ECHL/CHL is littered with players who had their moment in the sun but could not sustain the level of play that it takes to stay in the NHL.

He's not the first nor will he be the last. It's all on Leblanc to prove that he belongs in Montreal........hurt feelings and all.

On an aside, "Hat Trick" Crisp did not even get one game. Wonder if he is upset or if he is preparing to improve his game......
You have to stop with all the hearsay BS.

You said the same thing last summer about PK. How he was selfish, bigger than the team, and all the other negative hearsay BS spewed out by media only.

I seriously doubt LL felt he deserves a spot just because. But did he have to be cut ahead of others like Blunden? You want him to go back down and burn the AHL? Fine. I'm sure he wants to as well.
But I also know that if I care about a specific player, that I truly see as a part of my plan in the not so distant future (meaning this year), then I will keep him for as long as I can in order to show him exactly what he needs to work on and teach him as much as I can before having to send him down.
That's why others like Thomas, Big Mac, Collberg, are kept here. That's why MaxPac was kept here until the last day before we sent him down as well a few years ago.

I personally thought LL-Thomas-Collberg were going to fight for a spot due to injuries. I thought all three are likely to stay till last day of camp. Now, from what I've seen thus far in camp, Thomas and LL have had similar performances imo. Collberg has shown the least but coming from Europe and injury is understandable.

In any event, stop believing all these attitude BS reasons spewed out by the media.

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