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Originally Posted by Mathieu_habsfan View Post
Why not? It's not the better proof that I can do its true... but its a good way to see how many goals were scored when he was on the ice... i think it can be a good indice... (dont know how we say it in english...)
Indice = indication. Not so far from eachother.

Anyway, it's not a good indication because coaches know Perreault's a liability in his own zone, for example, so he'll be protected. By protecting a player, a coach only puts the player out on the ice against the opposition's third or fourth lines, and limits their ice-time on even-strength in general. That's what coaches do with Perreault, Ribeiro, and every player that is a liability in the neutral and defensive zone.

Perreault is known to be a problem-player in every area of the game outside of his shot and his faceoff ability. His faceoff ability is also an overstated stat because he's just not a quality faceoff player when it comes to sticking with your man if you lose the draw. Let me explain:

Rod Brind'Amour and Chris Drury are both excellent on faceoffs. They both will tend to score lower in faceoff win % than Perreault, yet they are still superior faceoff centermen to Perreault.


Because if either Brind'Amour or Drury lose a defensive zone faceoff, you can rest assured that they'll do everything humanly possible to stick to their man and ensure he does not get a scoring chance against.

A major part of being a good faceoff man is the physicality of what happens after the draw's been taken. It is not infrequent to see Perreault win a draw straight back but forget to take his man who winds up hammering Perreault's teammate along the boards and winning a battle because Perreault failed to compete physically after the draw was taken.

Further, you don't need to believe me on this sort of thing, but you do need to admit there's something fishy if a known commodity like Perreault who's been in and around the league for over a decade, put up career numbers last season at a bargain-basement salary, had serious problems finding a job this year.

Perreault's a mercenary; not a good player, but has a couple of good attributes which make him filler for bad teams. Good teams do not want Perreault.

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