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09-17-2013, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
The timing has become the new meme.

Timing is irrelevant. Timing is an excuse. Not making the Habs regular season roster was inevitable regarding Leblanc and others who have been cut and will be cut.

If Leblanc truly is upset about the timing of his cut, he does have to work on his maturity. I hope he does.
Timing is irrelevant? Last time I checked, first guys send home are the ones who are either not doing it whatsoever or the guys that have a bright future but should get back to Juniors to get it going as the season starts. Then, there's the first REAL cuts. So from guys aren't just doing too great to other junior players that survived the first cuts from their good play. So the timing says it all. Says that they were unsatisfied with him and frankly based on the Bruins game or even the one before, Leblanc did not deserve to go at the same time that some who weren't even good enough to play one single preseason. Yes, he will survived from this. Just that RIGHT NOW, I would have love to see being tested more. To see him with even more NHL regulars in the lineup....on a real line. Like Thomas had the pleasure to be in.

Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
They were sending a message with the early cut - and I don't disagree with it upon further reflection. He did not produce last season so he was not rewarded in training camp. Again - it's not like he was dominating training camp...he looked better, and that's great, but if you ask me he has been outplayed by an 18-year-old for one. Did McCarron not bring more to the club in his game than Leblanc? I thought he did.
Big Mac did. You know what I think of Big Mac so no need to go there. Kid is a gem. People are truly underrating his abilities.

Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
They want him to play... a lot..and develop. There was no spot for him out of training camp..they don't want him to be the 13th forward..not at his stage in his development.
No problem to see him being cut. Just the timing of it. I would have love to see a minimum of 3 games at least to have the possibility to have my own opinion.

Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
The word on him out in his draft year was that he was ultra competitive..the club didn't see that nearly as much as they wanted to last season - they are trying to light a fire under his butt by sending him to Hamilton with the first round of cuts. Yes they could have waited and made him feel more "comfortable", but that wasn't the goal. They want him to want it..badly. They want him to display that fiery competitiveness that made him a top 20 pick in the first place.
Let's hope it was what was needed to see that happening.

Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
as for the Thomas trade being brought up for the umpteenth time....again....the club knows Leblanc a heckuva lot better than Thomas for one...they want to take a long look at him. To assume he's still there merely because the GM wants to look good is silly. Thomas brings a power play dimension that Leblanc doesn't have at this point - a lethal shot. Was Ryder an all around player? No - but he was valuable as a power play guy, and with Gio out of the lineup and Ryder gone, the club needs someone who can pop some goals on the PP - it has become such an important part of a winning hockey team. With Gio out - Thomas is a better fit to start the season in Montreal - at least that's the thinking. You are welcome to disagree with it...but let's not try to ignore the reasoning and merely criticize everything about Thomas because your fave was traded.
Well "my fave" ALSO brought all that..... Again, I was against the trade but while it doesn't show lately, I also wrote that I liked Thomas which made me not be completely out of my mind. Still now, hearing about the good reports with Kristo makes me sad to say the least as I had tons of confidence in him....yet, for him as well, still ways to go, everybody remembers the Alexander Suglobov story....the future Maple Leafs superstar based on an incredible preseason...we all know how it ended....As far as to think that a GM wants to look good is silly...well I stand with my silly points. A GM and a coach will always want to see their decisions look good. If they took that decision, it's because they think it's the best and they see a particular player a certain way. So they'll use them a lot to see if they really can achieve what they had in mind for the said player.

Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
BTW- keeping on the last year theme as you keep bringing it up - Thomas scored more goals than Leblanc had points last year..and it was his rookie season in the AHL. Thomas scored 54 goals in the tougher OHL at 18 while Leblanc scored 26 in the Q at 19. I think it's been rightly determined that Thomas is a better goal scorer, and that's what the team is looking for on the PP. He had a solid team scrimmage and has looked good in camp...why exactly should he have been sent down..because you didn't like a trade? Bergy isn't the one acting illogically. :-)
Don't worry, I don't proclaim myself as Master logical all the time, still a fan, always will be. Yet, you are also amongst the ones who keep bringing the "draft rank" as one of the reasons why management put emphasis on players. One of the reason why we got Thomas for Kristo was that we got a better draft rank guy. Well, we still can't forget that Leblanc is a 1st rounder. Personnally, I don't totally believe in that draft rank guys as if in 2 years, you determine that your 5th round pick ends up being better than your 2nd, well you give the chance to the guy who happens to be the better player no matter the rank....but 1st round? Where you mostly determine those guys as possible game changers? You give all the chances in the world and then some. Your description of Leblanc sometimes makes me feel like we're again talking about a disruptive kid la "my fave" Kristo. Possible that Leblanc isn't the most driven kid. That lighting a fire might not be as easy as they thought. Takes every types of people to make a team. Also possible that all he needs is more confidence. I will always believe that people underestimate the power of confidence.

As far as stats are concerned, well again, you determined that last year counts a whole lot and with you coming back with those stats, you just point out that it is important. Fine. But for a scorer, I don't think Thomas has shown those things enough. I saw a Thomas that lacked vision in the game he played in. Shooting a whole lot without really exploring his options and not really getting great scoring chances. But in the end, if it's a top 6 spot that they're thinking with him, fine. If that would have been the conclusion at the end, fine, I would have had no problem with Thomas beating Leblanc towards the end of it....Just that being cut so early, for me, makes me think that he was indeed starting with 2 strikes against him and had to be dominating to not make them change his mind. Personnally, I do not think it's fair but isn't.

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