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09-18-2013, 05:52 AM
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Originally Posted by jacks View Post
Ya because having two 6 ft plus softest players in the league would help us in the playoffs.No wonder you guys can't win crap in the playoffs.
We don't need nor want your better untradeable Luongo.Your stuck with him.
2 years ago your awesome team came 3rd last in the league. This year they barely made the playoffs because of Price ******** the bed down the stretch. If it was an 82 game season, they would've probably missed the playoffs.
Originally Posted by Frozenice View Post
Bettman doesn't like teams who tried to cap circumvent by signing players like Longo to those type of contracts. It's supposed to hurt.
lol wat..
Originally Posted by sharks9 View Post
Haha nope, he hasn't even played 40 games in a season, plus he's a year older than Price.
He has a full season under his belt albeit in a shortened season. So that has to count for something. He also had insane stats this year and has had them for 3 years now (yes I know in a backup roll).

You will see for yourself just how good he is this year playing for one of the best defensive teams in the league.
Originally Posted by Strik_IX View Post

He hasn't even played 40 games in a season yet, how can you possibly compare him to any goaltender that's played 60-70+ games a year? He's got talent, but no one here knows if he can handle the workload of an actual #1 NHL keeper.

As far as Luongo goes, the Canucks were unable to trade his dumbass contract for two years straight and were forced to trade Schneider because of it. Now some of you fans act as if it has acual value. Here's the deal, Luongo's contract has NEGATIVE value and it always will because of it's length and the headache it will cause when he retires.

In terms of ability, right now I think the two are on par. So as far as the original deal is concerned I think the Habs would have to add a 2nd to 3rd round pick or B level prospect, but nothing more. In fact, I'm not even sure if the deal is fair for the Habs without adding.
Luongo and Price are not the same ability wise, Luongo is better. Price however has more trade value because of his age and because of Luongo's contract.

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