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09-18-2013, 08:00 AM
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People who live in Quebec will remember a show at Musique Plus many years ago called "L'gros show", featuring Mike Ward. In an episode, the two main protagonists hang out with one of their "friend", who knows the list of all the greatest drummers in the world. Every time they name one, he's able to smugly tell them how "he's the seventh best drummer in the world" and so on. The humor being that such thing is ridiculous - there's no "list" of "the best X in the world", it is way too subjective, and people and their talents are too complex to be ranked like that. So their friend isn't some kind of all-knowing drumming expert, he's a ridiculous blowhard to even believe that he makes sense, and that's why it is so funny to see him go and take himself seriously.

Every time I read people holding their little precious opinion about which goalie is better than the other, believing in their own relevance, I remember that episode. And that the majority of people here have yet to get out of school.

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