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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
Sabres fan (seriously) coming in peace.

Having a discussion about unretiring numbers (it happens once in a while). What do Habs fans think about the prospect of unretiring guys like Elmer Lach or Howie Morenz? What does having the numbers in the rafters mean for you, as fans, if no one you know ever saw them play? Is it meaningful to have those numbers up there for you, and if so, why?

I'm not targeting the Habs in particular or trying to suggest your greats were anything less than greats, you're just such a storied franchise that you're the first to come to mind when I thought of who might have jerseys up there that folks don't know anymore.
I am sorry but being a true Habs fan we do know our heros and what they have done for our team! The number 12 you are talking about belongs to My Lach he is 95 years old he walked done center ice to watch his number raised to the rafters a couple of years and now you are suggesting to un retiring it. We the Montreal Canadiens are know as a class organization and that stems down to multiple things and one being how we treat our ex players especially our stars!

They are retired for a reason and not one of our fans would ok having a number un retire give you an example we had Blake Geoffrion play with us a couple of years ago. His grand father and great grand father are BOOM BOOM Geoffrion and the great Howie Morenz. Usually it would be ok to un retire a number for a family member for that moment even the kid said no and opted for 57 .

So what other teams or fans might consider we the Habs will not!

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