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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
I never said Messier was not a huge part of the cup.

He was paid handsomely for it with teh Rangers making him the highest paid player in the game for the three seasons that followed.

I 1000% disagree that it entitled him to a retirement contract.

He was brought here to do a job. The contract he had stated that should he win the cup he could re-open things and negotiate a new deal. He did and the Rangers paid him.

He ASSUMED that his talents would not diminish and he assumed that fan pressure would force the Gardens hand into signing him to a contract he was no longer deserving of.

He assumed wrong...very wrong.

And the following three seasons displayed the good sense the Rangers had in not resigning him.

Yeah they missed the PO's, but Messier would not have made one bit of difference in that. He was a declining player who's effectiveness had begun to wane. He wasn't worth the 20 million the Canucks paid him

Absolutely agree with the bold.

Hindsight is beautiful isn't it?

All kindding aside... Mess wanted his last contract to be a biggie. No prob with that. I also think he was "going to bring a cup to the team he took one away from".

That's how his mind works. But we're derailing this thread at this point.

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