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09-18-2013, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
The only thing you've proved is that you're taking a big leap of faith with Richards and Brassard. I see zero reason to discredit Stepan's standing as the best center on this team to pump up these 2.

Richards was an embarrassment last season - a mental and physical train wreck. I think he'll have a bounce back season, but its a lot to ask for him to regain his old form as a true #1 center

Brassard has not proven he can be a consistent contributor through a full season, but that hasn't stopped you from guessing that he can based on a couple of good months of play with the Rangers.

So again, the only point you've proven is that you're ready and willing to overstep the bounds of reality because this Stepan situation is pissing you off.
Where did I discredit Stepan's standing as the best center? Derek Stepan not signing over 250k is not going to **** me off. I think its ridiculous but I have much more important **** in my life to worry about and get pissed off about than a baby who is holding out over a nominal amount of money. Your angry because I showed you how its all a numbers game and how you look at those numbers. I have never once said Stepan is not the best center on this team. You need to chill and read more carefully.

All I said was
If Brassard is over rated because of 1 good shortened season/playoff run then so is Stepan.
I don't see how making a comparison and defending Brassard is undermining Stepan?

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