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09-18-2013, 11:00 AM
Scoring Decision?
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Originally Posted by Hiesenberg View Post
Hey may love to do it, but the drop off between Philip Rivers & Alex Smith is enormous. I get that the Eagles D sucks, but Alex Smith is an atrocious QB. They may run the ball 40 times for 300 yards, but I don't see Smith torching this D in the way Rivers did.
Going back to 2011

Player A:
63.8% completion, 3.4:1 TD/INT ratio, 1.4%INT percentage, 7.2 Yards/Attempt, 95.1 Rating
Record: 21-5-1

Player B:
63.6% completion, 5:3 TD/INT ratio, 3.0%INT percentage, 7.5 Yards/Attempt, 90.4 Rating
Record: 16-18-0

Player A is slightly better in completion percentage, much better in TD/INT ratio and throws INTs generally half as often, just slightly worse in yards per attempt, but has a better rating and his team did better with him at QB.

Player A is Alex Smith, Player B is Philip Rivers. Now, they're obviously in different systems with different coaches and everything, but you got Rivers way ahead of Smith, which he really isn't. Smith did well recently, but then got hurt and subsequently outplayed by Kaepernick. Add to it the sentiment most "experts" espouse that Reid is good with QBs, and Smith might be even more polished.

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