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01-14-2004, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by G Man 77
When paired with Markov he was being paired with our BEST defenseman, you make it sound like it was some kind of "tough" assignment. In fact Markov, then Bouwmeester made his life a hell of a lot easier because they're good.

Now this year, with a struggling Markov, then Bouillon, there's been nobody to bail him out or make his life easier on D... plus he's struggling himself. That's how he went from our top pairing to our worst D in a year's time.

Komi has played left all the time... Rivet did it only once and that was yesterday.
Why? Because with Markov injured and Bouillon thrown out early, we had only Souray left on left side.
If you haven't noticed, Julien isn't crazy about playing Komi much... so that's why Rivet was switched to the left and become the #2 left D for one night.

It wasn't Quintal because he simply doesn't have the mobility to play on his bad side, and it wasn't Breezer because you don't switch your puck moving defensemen to their wrong side. Rivet misses most of his passes anyway, nothing to lose there.

What a load of BS... everything asked of him my ass.

Rivet was having a TERRIBLE season, Julien didn't even bench him once though he deserved it. The one thing he does do is ask Rivet to play forward ONCE, and Rivet does it... then WARNS us he doesn't want to do that again, *****es to the media about it at length after the game.

Paired with rookies?... in fact he's been paired with our best Ds, they just happened to be rookies. The only top D he hasn't played with is Souray... boo hoo.
While he played with Markov, Breezer & Quintal were stuck with Dykhuis or Traverse... who was making the sacrifice here? Gimme a break.

Switching sides? He did it ONCE, last night... because it was an emergency.

Playing with injury is the only thing that he truly deserves credit for, although how injured was he if he was well enough to play in the Worlds right after the year?
If it was that bad wouldn't he have wanted to rest his wrist?

I can't stand Rivet, but he can be an asset when he's playing well... which this year hasn't been the case until the last few games.
Hopefully he turns it around in the 2nd half.

As for wanting him with us in the playoffs, Souray-Quintal was our key pairing the last time we made the playoffs... and Rivet was as bad as it gets and started the implosion in the final Carolina game.
Someone's cranky... only on the Habs board can a player like Rivet score a goal and go +4 and people still berate him.

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