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09-18-2013, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
In a vacuum, maybe not. In this context, where he has no leverage and is currently missing maybe the most important camp of his career - there is a reasonable deal. 2 years, 3-3.5 per. Sign it and play. Earn that next payday. Yeah, maybe his career will somehow end tragically before then. Maybe a lot of things. Most likely scenario by far, he'll play more and make way more.

Other players got more because their GMs are careless, or they see that player very differently. If I were on NYR, I wouldn't be crossing my fingers that our management started taking cues from the leafs.

I'm as happy as anybody that he looks like he took a big step last year. But, he hasn't established himself as that tier of player yet. He's not going to, and shouldn't, be paid like it.
I guess my Vacuum is different

Among forwards

11-12 51 pts in 82 games ranked him 89th in production
12-13 44 pts in 48 games ranked him 21st

3.5M is not being offered according to the rumors

If he earns his next pay day, how is that good for the Rangers when they could just sign him cheaper now than they will have to pay later on?

Maybe the Rangers should take some cues from the Hawks, who seem to have no issue extending their players before a holdout?

Compare his ranking just based on production to those around him over the past two years and I think he has proven to be on the tier to most of those making far more than 3.5M per year. Factor in his two way game and there is no context other than the leverage angle that makes what's rumored to be offered correct.

Can't root for leverage I heard he's not a very good player nor does he help the Rangers contend in maybe the last year they can before 13 free agents need resigned of replaced, all before Stepan would need to be.

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