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09-18-2013, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Comrade Blunderbore View Post
Vladimir Krikunov who is the Neftekhimik head coach is known for liking his tough players, and he also trusts young players who show good work ethic (Datsyuk credits him as main reason he made it through his early struggles). Yakimov is in good hands, if he is ready to work hard for development purposes, he will get his time.
That's great to hear, thanks for that insight.

Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
Sounds like Yakimov has 2 more A's through 2 in tonights game, playing a regular shift.

As per @chunkletshockey
Wow, not too shabby!

Originally Posted by OiledUp View Post
I'm watching the game and the kid looks good. Smart player. He's quite sluggish for the first couple of steps but once he gets going he's not a horrible skater, his skating might ofc look worse on the smaller NA ice but I think a lot of it has to do with explosiveness. To get that massive body going you need some serious legpower. If he can work on that I think his skating will look much better. He's actually pretty good at changing direction, especially considering his size.

But the most impressive thing with him is his puck distribution, it's amazing, he's got soft hands and uses them to quickly find a teammate in a better position. He does it so well and so consistently. And when needed he has the ability to hold on to the puck, though at times he should use his body to cover the puck better.
His shot doesn't look like a strength from what I've seen so far but tbh it hasn't really been on display.

He still has that teenager clumsiness to him but once he grows into his body watch out, he'll be an ox. Defensively he throws his body at times, backchecks well, he plays LW and usually seems to be in position, his line has been pretty good at staying in the o-zone.

He seems to have that Yakupov joy when playing as well.

I liked the pick at the draft. This showing has turned me into a true believer. Small sample size but he has some incredible tools. If he gets stronger and more explosive this could turn out one hell of a third round pick.
Thanks for the run down! Hopefully he has Sardachny on speed dial!

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