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09-18-2013, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
When do we expect more from him? I just think the expectations of the goalie, from a fanbase point of view, has to be in line with the expectations of the team

I think that's just fair

Also, I don't see the point in trading for another goalie. As I said earlier, whomever plays goalie for this team will suffer the same pressures because of the history of success of it's predecessors

Price has THE toughest job in all of hockey...I can't emphasize this enough
Most people on here have 0 concept of the grooming process that Carey Price has been put through starting at the age of 16. And when he was drafted by the habs, that process was upped to the next level. People say his head is not in games.. I can understand why they'd see that, but playing goalie isn't about being aggressive, it's about being in control. He has to tap into his zen-jedi-mind, as this is the mindset where he finds his game.. and holding onto that consistently at a young age, while learning to be a pro, and learning to deal with the pressures of a hockey mad city is not easy (along with all the other political madness playing in Montreal comes with, language and so on, which, never affected Carey directly, but goalie being a team position, these politics have an indirect affect).

That said, I think Carey Price will be golden this year. All the alchemy of his makeup has settled, the components of his chemistry are ready to transform him. The factors this year such as the Olympics, the transition from a circus-show that was the habs organization up until last year, all of it, he's going to prove a lot of people wrong. He also got married this summer, which, many of you guys don't realize, is a huge step for any man to take. If all his problems are mental, then I think we have a recipe for success here.

And when this happens, the haters will find other things to hate, other reasons to be miserable, other excuses for not being happy/satisfied with the things they love.

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