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Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
I don't agree at all. Anderson had to fight through screens on a lot of shots and he did. He stopped ALL the easy ones and a ton of hard ones. Price only stopped had ones in game 2, and let in easy ones in all other games.
Anderson was great. Nobody said otherwise. But he wasn't screened man.
Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
The whole "no traffic in front of Anderson" and "our defense was brutal and that's why Price sucked" are myths propagated on here for the last 4 months, not created from reality. Go look at the video of those games, in all 4 Ottawa wins, Anderson makes numerous huge saves in the 1st while Habs have a clear edge in play.
So much fail in this part of your post here:

1. Nobody is saying Price sucked in the playoffs (except maybe Agnostic)

2. Our Defense WAS and IS brutal. No protection. No clearing the net. And our PK especially sucks. Don't expect this year to be much different either.

3. Us not going to the net has been echoed by everyone here because... we don't do it. And this isn't new to last year either... been this way for a loooong time. We have ONE guy who goes to the net with consistency. Gallagher. That's it. If you can't see this, then I guess I now understand why you think it was okay to add another smurf in Briere.
Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Maybe ''outstanding'' shouldn't be the level of expectations set. I mean, sure, BG sold us this thoroughbred keeper, names like Jesus Price were spewed out, but this is coming from a place that chanted ''Guy'' for Latendresse. At some point, you have to take some things lightly.
Price hasn't been this super dominant keeper. He hasn't been bad either. But nobody should actually be scared of going into a season with Price as a keeper. People that feel this way need to check other teams play because other goalies do not eclipse Price.
And really, don't expect miracles this year. Look at our defensive squad. We had to go get Douglas freaking Murray out of desperation.
We need a shut down guy in the worst way. I really hope Murray and Tinordi can do something on this front but we really should've gotten a true number 4 shutdown guy.
Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
If a team could assemble a defense that their goalie could see every shot they wouldn't need a 6.5 mil goalie. A 1 mil one would win the cup.

Boston had the biggest defensemen in the league most of last year and rask had to fight through screens and traffic on 30-40% of his shots.
You really don't watch the games do you?

Did you watch Chicago vs Boston? Did you see what happened there? In the first few games nobody ventured in front of Rask. Chara was brutal to deal with so they just stayed away. Then Toews decided that he HAD to go there and he did. He paid the price but they won the cup. But it took them a few games to realize that they'd have to stand there and get punched in the mouth to do it.

Standing in front of the net is not fun. Most of the time you have to deal with a Chara, Weber or Doughty hacking away at you. We dont' have this guy in our lineup. Other teams have tea parties in front of our net and who's going to stop them? Diaz? Markov? Get real man.

Like I said, we're putting a lot of stock into Tinordi and we'd better hope he's ready. Murray is a wildcard and then there's Gorges who basically went away last year. There's nobody back there save Subban but Therrien only uses him for offense. Our PK sucks and that blueline is ugly dude. So cross your fingers and hope that Murray and Tinordi can get it done 'cause nobody else will.

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