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Originally Posted by trentmccleary View Post
Weird. We have one of the 8 active career PPG players in the NHL today and some guy wants to switch him so that some unproven, potential 2nd line center might be better defensively because of the BS that behind the net writes.
You completely missed the point. Whoosh

It is my opinion that Pageau is better defensively, not behindthenet's.

Bonk brought that up with the Karlsson stuff.... If I like the Corsi and what not for Karlsson, I should like it for Spezza. I all said regarding this is that Pageau and Zibanejad are better than Spezza in that regard. I said NOTHING else regarding those stats.

One again trent, whoosh

Not only are Pageau and Zibanejad better at puck possession (some would say a is defensive strategy), but they are better at the traditional style of defense. My opinion based on watching all of them play.

Originally Posted by Cujomi View Post
MAK has always been against Spezza and every time a legitimate point is made in his favour he skirts around it.
I've responded to every post. Tell me, which point did I skirt around?

Oh wait, you can't, as usual.

Originally Posted by Cujomi View Post
However this is often seen in most topics regarding Spezza when compared to other players (Tavares, for example). The reality is that nobody will ever give Spezza his dues unless he does something ridiculous like lead this team to the cup as the captain. Even then people will claim that Spezza was carried by Karlsson or something.
I don't really think Tavares is better than Spezza. As of last season I think they are fairly similar. So, wrong as usual and pulling stuff out of butt.

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