Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Habs Cuts (28th: Dumont clears waivers)
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09-18-2013, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Well Grant was right. Grant kept saying that his demotion had mostly to go with what happened last year. And Therrien confirmed it. No matter what he would have done in the Bruins game, he was leaving early. And they had no intention in seeing him do well in 2 or 3 games as leaving early was always the plan. So that's why he left early. That was the plan. I don't agree. But they are in charge. They said that they want to see more of Collberg, Thomas and McCarron. Personnally, we all know that Collberg is going so I don't see the point. Fine, I,ll agree that they do have to get some games to Thomas. McCarron, well most of us all know that he's going to be a stud, he can see him more a couple of times if he wants, it won't change anything. I guess only for our viewing pleasure. But I don't see how it makes Leblanc not needed if you want to see those guys....
Unless this demotion warrants an early call-up, theres no sense in this, well there's one and that is that they don't care about LL. Collberg is not going to play in the NHL, sadly, will McCarron play? That would be even dumber than Collberg...

Now they'd have to tell me what Thomas did to be ahead of LL ... He surely outscored the kid who was forced to play dumb 3rd and 4th line minutes.

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