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09-18-2013, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
I love the absurdity of this fan base. They'll say or do anything to defend each and every player. Even trying to create the false idea that our team was terrible defensively, despite every single metric suggesting otherwise.

We allowed the fifth fewest shots against and had one of the best shot differentials in the league. We were in no way poor defensively. The team played great for the majority of the season, Price's play hit rock bottom, his last 10 games was some of the poorest goaltending I've seen from him.

The team was fine, Price flat out stunk for a 1/4 of the season. I dunno why some feel the need to perpetuate this myth that the team stinks and price is our only hope. It's a load of hogwash, if anything, Price has held the team back.
Quantity of shots =/= dangerous shots.

You can't take 4 goals out of 10 shots and say that the metric indicates the goalie was poor.
If all 10 shots were break-aways, that would be along the league average for shootouts. So that would be an average performance.

Don't try and use shot metrics as a measure of a goaltenders performance.

Price lost us game 1 by letting in an awful Silfverberg goal in the 3rd period.
Every other game he was as good as he needed to be. We would have won that series without injuries, Therrien knowing how to employ systems that worked, and a team identity that understood you need to go to the net for the juicy rebounds that Anderson let out on EVERY SHOT.

You want to know why Anderson faces more shots than Price even though Ottawa's defensive system and team defense is better (why Anderson had such great stats).. Because A) his rebound control is terrible and B) Ottawa took away the center of the ice and teams shot from the perimeter a lot more frequently to create second chance opportunities and because they couldn't get passes through the cross seams.

Let's stop this play-off series fallacy that Price some how cost us the series and that it was his goaltending that was at fault. If that was the case, then Budaj coming in would not have peformed remarkably worse against the same team.

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