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11-21-2006, 07:16 AM
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I learned to skate when i was 6, but i did teach my little cousins and nephews and the biggest thing is patience and practice. Going slow while everyone's going fast in a general skate doesn't mean your not cool, your learning and you would rather not face plant into the boards sliding on your knees while trying to go fast around the bend.

You might also want to practice lacing your skates up, find the right tension for your boot when laces. You don't want to go too tight where you feet swell up and hurt, you don't want to go too loose where your ankles wobble and you could potentially hurt them doing that.

But as soon as you learn how to skate around the rink doing the simple cross-over and stopping, try it with your equiptment. IF you can't find the times where you can, take your shin pads and jock strap, wear them in the general skate under a pair of sweats or track pants. Those 2 things are the key things in movement with your legs.

As for shooting, you will need to put on the pads and try to find a way to be comfortable when shooting. For this you should go in full gear at some drop in, where it really doesn't matter as long as you try.

And never, i mean NEVER practice with rental skates, your arch and shape of your foot is not the same as the numerous people that rented those before you. Try on as many pairs as you can, of course in your price range and take it from there, comfort is key regardless of how it looks. Skates are not a fashion statement, some idiot skate shops will try to sell you on the "nicer" looking ones saying they are better.


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