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11-21-2006, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by FSU Seminoles View Post
hard rock mostly ... Dream Theater, Van Halen, Symphony X kinda thing ... but we play some harder stuff like In Flames and Arch Enemy too

the 5150 is good, I don't use the gain cranked up like most guys do since it becomes really buzzy. I'd like to get a Rivera K-Tre or maybe a Mesa Mark IV, not sure what will be my next amp.

I'm gasing for a Boogie Street Washburn Idol these days, they look awesome and have great features at a ridiculous price ... ebony fingerboard and everything for a grand

even though I'm no EMG fan I'm sure they could switch those out to Suhr pickups
Wow, I think you just named the favorite bands of all my band members. My drummer loves progressive stuff like Dream Theater and Symphony X and myself and my guitarists are really into that Euro metal scene (Arch Enemy, In Flames, etc...)

I'll agree with you on the buzzy sound of the 5150's when the gain is cranked. It actually kinda gets static-y almost but it seems to be what we need for what we play. I'll hook you up with a demo once we finish recording just to show you what I mean.

That boogie street is beautiful and with EMG's i'm sure my guitarists would have a field day

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