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09-19-2013, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Jose View Post
Ok I really need someone to help me out right now New York Mets fans. Who believes Terry Collins is going to be back? Can someone please answer this question. I hate the man, Collins has no clue how to manage in this league. He is horrendous at managing a bullpen, he has the worst work ethic of any manager in baseball, Cannot motivate his players or get them hustling. Most importantly this is the 3rd straight season the Mets are experiencing an epic collapse. 3RD Season.

This is preposterous !! Just a complete lunacy, the only reason he's tgere cause he's a loyal lieutenant and is good at developing relationships. If he's so good, that on earth has happened to Davis and Tejada, Overusage of Scott Rice and Tim Byrdak, D'Arnaud and Flores look lost, His lineup cards, The bullpens Abysmal Era, Teams inconsistency. I can keep going!

And no one mention to me injuries, Geez he can't even get the best out if our Callups. Never has,

FIRE Collins now, I will not support this team as long as that goofball runs the show and won't pay a cent to the Wilpons. I hope they continue to tank so he gets fired
Huge Mets fan here. I totally disagree. I think Collins has been given zero to work with three years in a row and teams actually DO hustle and DON't quit. Last night is case in point.
The Mets positon players in the minors are abysmal. Not getting much out of Wilmer Flores is a more an indictment of the Mets farm than the Manager. Wilmer Flores is a marginal prospect at best was having a nice year in the PCL where offensive statistics are inflated and would not sniff the majors on most teams.

I heard TC interviewed yesterday and when asked about D'Arnaud, he said "we have to fix a few things. He has a couple of issues with his swing that were not there in Spring Training". Direct shot at Backman there. No secret that the Mets are not happy with Wally and feel that many of their "development" issues relate to him.

Lagares is a player who looked clueless when he first got here at the plate. He has improved dramatically under TC to the point where he is a viable CF option in 2014 ..

I am also perplexed on what you are referring to when you make a statement like this "He has the worst work ethic of any manager in baseball". Anything to support that statement?

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