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09-19-2013, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
I don't know what people imagined here.

Did you guys think he was a dynamo of some kind with his physical attributes? Have you ever watched him play elsewhere? His speed has never been a strength of his, and I for one expecting that. His strength and ability to clear the crease is as good as it gets, though. You won't see him losing a single one-on-one battle along the boards, and as soon as a guy is in front of him, he won't be able to get past him. The only vulnerabilities he's got is whenever there's a quick counter-attack on his flank, but even them, he can close the gap with good anticipation and stick work.

This guy is everything we got with Gill, + physicality.
No one ever said he's the worst dman in the world. I was just criticizing his major weakness which is a pretty big one. I'm not saying we shouldn't have him on the team, we definitely need a guy like him. Just like Diaz is majorly flawed, in that he isn't no where near as physical as Murray and can't clear the crease.

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