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Originally Posted by mrhockey193195 View Post
Aside from the neck and the face (which are the most obvious parts), what other body parts are exposed and have no/minimal protection against skate blades?

I know that most shin pads wrap around the leg and thus cover the back, but I thought that they really only covered the middle of the back of the leg and not the upper (towards the back of the joint) and lower (the top of the boot) parts of the leg. Also, what about the forearms and the midsection (inbetween the hockey pants and the shoulder pads)?

I'm just curious to know what other parts of the body are open.
1. Foot. If you wear your shinguard INSIDE skate tongue, you risk to get cut over the tongue that is soft and is easy to cut through. Wear your shinguard over the tongue as low as you forward leg flex allows to reduce the gap between shinguard and skate boot shell.
2. Wrists. Wrist guards are to prevent cuts, not slashing bruises. Use them.
3. Low torso or area above your pants. If puck hits you between the pants and shoulder pads, it not a big deal. Close the gap between the two by getting shoulder pads with better stomach/low back covering to prevent low torso cuts.

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