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09-19-2013, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
Oh ya because saying we know he had a bad season last year so let's cut him so he can't prove himself at the NHL level. Get a grip...
You're the one digging fervently to find a story where there is none and I'm the one that needs to get a grip? No, it can't be because Leblanc had a terrible year last year and our coaching staff wasn't as short-sighted as the almighty HFBoards to be blown away by a couple of camp scrimmages and 1 pre-season game.

They know what he is and where's he at, and they know he isn't ready for the NHL. What is so hard to believe about that?

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
And it also doesn't mean it was a valid one.

Nobody is fishing for a story. Some just don't like the way a prospect is being handled. Just like some didn't like the way PK was handled.
Some didn't like PK handled right up until he won the Norris, so, with apologies to the experts, the Canadiens have won that round.

Doesn't that seem odd a bit to you? Why is Blunden still here? Do they not already know him? How does retaining Leblanc prevent them from seeing guys like Collberg, Thomas, Nystrom, Big Mac..?
Blunden is still here because, if Gionta can't start the season, he's likely going to be the 4th line option with Prust moving up to the 2nd. Which is in line with your "closest to the NHL" argument that follows below - Blunden is closest to staying with the team, so he stays. Not complicated.

Furthermore, shouldn't you want to keep the players you think are closest to the NHL with the team the longest? Isn't that why guys like Bournival and Thomas are still here?
Your false assumption here is that Leblanc is close to the NHL. He's not. At least, not any more close than the names you've mentioned so far.

To me it appears like we're wasting away a prospect, not giving him what he needs, and flipping a coin as to whether or not he works out. Send him down now, if he bounces back, great we have another good prospect, if he doesn't well we were right in cutting him. I would have preferred to see them work with LL, try him on different line combination. He certainly didn't look out of place next to Moen and White, so why not give him a shot with better wingers?
Please, "wasting away a prospect" because we sent him down on day 6 of camp instead of day 13 or whatever is just an absurd argument.

What you, and what most people parroting these arguments are forgetting, is that Leblanc was bad last year. And you're suggesting that the organization should wipe all that away and coddle Leblanc (or worse, reward him) because he played well in a couple of meaningless games. Leblanc has a long way to go, and it doesn't start by suddenly being given an express pass to the NHL. When he puts in the work and produces the results consistently in the NHL level, he'll be back. And at least that time it'll be based on merit over an extended period of time, not "he looked good next to White in a game!".

The greatest irony in all of this, of course, is that many members here ripped the Habs for "reaching" for the hometown kid at the draft, taking him purely because of his nationality and giving him an undeserved chance with us when other teams wouldn't have touched him until the 2nd round. Now all we're hearing about is how unfair the Habs are being to this gem of a prospect whose pro potential is crumbling before our very eyes. Even Wozniak wasn't this crazy.

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