Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Habs Cuts (28th: Dumont clears waivers)
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09-19-2013, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
EVERYONE knows/knew that Leblanc was not going to make the Habs roster. Even the people complaining about "timing" admit to that.

Lets say that everyone knows that your hot girlfriend is about to cut you. Dump you and send you packing.

Would it really matter if she dumped you on Monday or let you have a mercy date on Friday and then dump you on Saturday? The end result is the same.
Well if there is a rash of injuries to forwards (3-4) then there is a chance he makes it. But regardless if we're cutting everyone who has no chance of making it why are Collberg, MacCarron, Tarnasky, etc... still with the team. Everyone knows they are not going to make the Habs roster.

As for your analogy, the difference between Monday and Friday is that it actually gives you a chance to change her mind. If you win the lottery on Wednesday, she'll probably not dump you. Not too mention if you go out on Friday with a hot girl, it will raise your value in the eyes of other women who see you on a date with a hot girl, so when you do breakup you'll be sought after. Not too mention you're more likely to get breakup sex on a Friday night then on a Monday

In the end it's not even about Leblanc it's about giving everyone a fair chance. Leblanc didn't get a fair chance. And honestly it seems a bit systematic with some players getting preferential treatment compared to others.

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