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Originally Posted by shello View Post
Tremendously, was on the ice at least twice a week with major junior, and aaa players, and having to force myself to keep up with them has really improved the quickness of my decision making, and speed overall.
I did a lot of this over the summer. One of my teams didn't play over the summer, so, I took that time to do more drop ins (3 x/week) with higher level players (AAA, high school, a couple pros home for the summer). It had two effects. 1) it made me quicker and a better passer. In those "games", it's never about scoring, but about passing well and setting up good plays. So, as a result, I've been passing a lot and with good passers and quick players. What comes along with that is the decisions need to be made quicker or you lose the puck. 2) This was an unintended consequence, but in the 6 games I've played so far, I really need to "force" myself to try and beat people and especially take shots. I did so many of these passing games where that was the primary objective that my playing is lop sided now. Granted, last night our top scorer, whom I fed 3 times for goals commented, "damn you're a good passer". So, that's nice, but I wish I didn't need to consciously force myself to shoot. I'm sure after a couple more weeks it will balance out, and hopefully I'll still be a damn good passer, but a shooting a bit more too.

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