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11-21-2006, 02:39 PM
Joe Cole
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Yo- count one more Strat man!

After years of Ibanez's, Kramer's custom guitars (Liberatore's).... every time I bought a guitar, I always said... "why didn't I get a Strat". So wife bought me one! It is a 1995 Custom Shop Strat, three color burst, rosewood.

The guitar just smokes.

Besides that... all I have left is a '72 Gibson L6-S (my first guitar) that I refretted and installed SD's and a 3 way switch, a all maple Norman b-15, and a Peavey bass with active pick ups.

All that into a JCM 800, single channel. Rat, Dunlop wah, Boss Delay, and few other odd balls.

My years of metal are all but over, but I play now more then ever.

I recently contributed four songs to the "Deadened" soundtrack! Extremely violent indie film, good fun. I dragged out my old Pantera/NIN riffs for this one.

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