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09-19-2013, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I'd like to know which, in your opinion, blueline sucks so that we could compare the goalies that plays behind such a bad defensive core. Again, it makes me laugh when I keep hearing almost as if Lundqvist, Rask, and everybody else have no merit as they are suppose to be playing behind such a great defensive squad or a great defensive team, and yet, I've never how Dubnyk is surely the best goalie in the league based on how increidbly bad hsi team is in front of him....So let's not talk about those great goalies 'cause they have no merit, and for everybody else who plays with bad team, let's not talk about them either 'cause they just plain suck because...they suck (based on their numbers, which has to reflect how bad the team they are playing in are but we're not going to remember that)....So it leaves Price as the greatest I guess......
Never said they don't have any merit and I don't believe this. Please don't exaggerate my position because I know you're smart enough to see that I haven't been saying this.

What I said was that you can't just look at things in a vacuum. I gave you the example of Tavares earlier. He's on his own and may not put up some of the numbers that some other guys do but if you've watched the guy play, you know he's an elite talent. How elite? I'd put him right below the big four but he's close even if his numbers aren't. It's more than just numbers and that's all I'm saying.

Yeah, I think Price's numbers would be better and those other goalies' would be worse. I think Price is every bit the goalie that Rask is and the difference is in the D. Right now I think we have maybe the worst defensive group in the league. I can't think of too many that aren't as bad. So when I say that I don't think we could win anything with Lundqvist I mean it. There's no way we're going to win anything with this group (nevermind the small forward problem.) And I do think that if you swap out Price with Rask the B's wouldn't miss a beat.

I think there's a group of about a half a dozen goalies who are in the same class. I see parity between these guys with Lundqvist being a little ahead of the rest. That is not dismissing these guys at all. I've gone out of my way to tell you this so please don't talk like I've dismissed them.

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