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09-19-2013, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Moskau View Post
The talk died down because of the late flurry of goals but I thought Grigorenko was terrible. He said in an interview last year that his main focus as a rookie was to keep his head up and not get hit. That's a great attribute to have but it's his main focus and he's killing an offensive confidence he may have. If you can't bother to show up and skate with the puck through the neutral zone in a PRE SEASON game against the CAROLINA HURRICANES because you are afraid of getting hit then you are going to struggle in this league. I thought behind the net and a long the half-boards he was fine but he's a scared fragile player anywhere else with the puck.

It really sucks that there is nothing else we can do with him other than gift him a line-up spot. The other option is to have Quebec suspend him so that he can play elsewhere but you risk forming a rift by doing that. I'm not sure how much he can learn in the NHL when he's too scared of getting hit to do anything.
Ya, he just floats way to much. I would almost look into the trade market. I just don't have much hope for him. I think he is too timid and fragile to succeed in the NHL. It may sound crazy, but I'm sure his value is still pretty high. I just think he is a huge liability out there. His line continues to do nothing out there. Same thing happened that year. We didn't have a 3rd line when he played. As soon as we drop up a capable 3rd line center like Porter, we played a heck of a lot better as a team.

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