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09-19-2013, 11:39 PM
Frankie Spankie
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Had one of the most exciting games in a while today. We had 9 skaters total, so 2 full lines of forwards, and 1 sub on D so they'd cycle. The other team had everybody, making 13 skaters, so 3 full sets of forward lines, and 2 full sets of D. We went down 2-0 fairly early, like first 5-10 minutes of the game. I changed up and made sure to tell the team to pull it together, forget about how we started, and finish the period strong. I scored the first one with about 5 minutes left to make it 2-1. Final 15 seconds, puck gets cleared into their corner. They stopped skating, I skated hard. I was still beat to the puck by their defender, but with my pressure, he had to wrap it around the boards, to our d-man on the point. He took a shot that I got a tip on. Goalie still saved it but came right out to my winger and he had a wide open net, scored with 2 seconds left in the period to tie it 2-2.

Second period, we were awful. We spent most of the time in our own end and a lot of the time outside of it was chasing them down with the puck. They got another two in that period and we just couldn't get anything going. We were not very confident with our play at all, everything we tried just flat out didn't work. We got a couple chances, and couldn't make anything of it. Again, 10 seconds left, one of our forwards makes a move around their defense at their blue line. Takes a shot, rebound comes out to another forward, we score with 5 seconds left in the period to make it 4-3.

We knew we'd have to dig deep and keep it simple for the third. There was plenty of time and we were just down a goal. With about 5 minutes left, we won a couple puck battles deep in their end. Puck was in the corner and we won it, I was in the opposite corner wide open and the puck came to me. I skated towards the net and passed it to my defenseman breaking in from the point in the slot. He shoots it wide far side. I stay where I am and everyone on the other team forgot about me. One of our wingers on that side got the puck and went behind the net. Two guys on their team followed him behind the net and the rest covered the other guys in the point but I was left all alone far side. He wrapped around the net with the puck, to me wide open, I banged it into the wide open net to tie it 4-4.

Last minute and they were pushing hard. We were gassed and we knew we just had to hold them off until the shootout (no OT, just goes right to SO in regular season) and we chip it out with about 30 seconds left. I was only on the ice for about a minute but was gassed and near the boards anyway. I yell for my sub to jump on for the last 30 seconds thinking something can happen while the puck's going towards their end. I don't know if he made something happen but the puck found its way to our defender who ripped a slap shot in with 20 seconds left to make it 5-4 and we held the score.

Was exciting all the way to the end and even with us doubting ourselves, we didn't give up, and came away with one of my most memorable victories I ever had. It was absolutely insane to score a goal in the final 5 seconds of the first two periods and then the game winner in the final 20 of the third.

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