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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Who thinks Bergevin sucks? Bouillon and Desharnais wouldn't have had spots on my team, and I would have been willing to use assets to find better and longer term solutions to filling their minutes for starters, but otherwise I don't think this team needed to go too crazy last year or this year. Too often the closed thinkers on this board only consider the players who actually moved in the off season, and completely fail to understand that so many more players are always available for the right price. Given that the Habs are a "have" franchise, both in terms of financial backing and organizational assets, there's almost no limit to what could be done if seriously inclined to make a "major" deal.
Vague, vague, vague! you're like the palm reader who give vague answers to make sure some are right!

As for no limits, that was true in the pre-cap era and is no longer true. Bergevin already said he prefers to build thru the draft and complement the drafting with free agents and that's what he's doing. You only say you would trade Bouillon and Desharnais for the great and powerful "ASSET" and to find "BETTER" player. then continue by saying there is always better options out there without naming anything.

Yep! that's how a gm thinks! With all your concrete option you sure changed my mind about Bergevin, your options are much better!


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