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09-20-2013, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Bouillon and Drewiskie make us a fast food team. I want a team build responsibly and with the future in mind. I don't want 36 year old Briere or 28 year old Bouillon. Those are stopgaps.
Of course they are! That's what you do while building a contender you stopgap position until the youngin's in your system are ready!

And my point was that Gauthier INJECTED assets into the system where there weren't any. Diaz and Emelin immediately factored into our top6, top4 by the end of the season actually. That's proper management, not this haphazard sillyness that Bergevin's doing.
As I said earlier he INJECTED Emelin after he was in the system for 7 YEARS. You know! like Bergevin is doing with Pateryn, Tinordi and Beaulieu! what a coincidence!

Murray's signing doesn't really affect us in a bad way but when you see that Hainsey went for 2m and Komisarek for 700k (to a bottom-feeding team no less) it's kind of frustrating to see Bouillon and the eternally useless Drewiskie locked in and extended.
Aren't those stopgaps too?

I was happy with his signing because it finally meant one of our bottom4 players could actually clear the crease for once. But it still indicated patchwork management and I hate Bergevin for it.
Sooo! stopgaps Bouillon and Drewiske NO! but stopgaps Hainsey and Komisarek YES!

I'm getting older and I don't see this team improving in anyway. Instead of an organizational do-over, which we thought would happen, we now see that Gauthier was just the scapegoat and the status-quo was to be maintained. Mediocre French players and coaches, never make the big move, keep trudging along and sucking the fans dry, rinse and repeat.
OK french player bbbaaaaddd! But I do agree with you that we do not give Gauthier his due. He's a great main scout but a bad GM. Good at finding talent but bad at developing them.

Name one thing Bergevin did differently from Gainey?
Too early to tell yet.

After last year's disaster of a PK you'd figure that one of those idiot assistant coaches would've seen his head rolling down Parc Avenue, no?
So a 48 games season with a 23rd penalty kill is enough to start making change in the management... again.

You want instant gratification you don't want a contender, you want the Rangers.

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