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Originally Posted by turnbuckle View Post
I'm really getting tired of hearing the "kid can't catch a break" type comments. This isn't directed at you necessarily, just all of the apologists in general. It's about as far from the truth as possible. The kid got a huge break when the Habs were ballsy enough to draft him on the top ten in 2003, the best draft a decade. What has he done to be annointed anything but a first line spot in the minors? He dogs it in the minors, he's the only 10 ten pick from the 2003 draft not in the NHL, and it's the Carbo's fault? Carbo has absolutely nothing to do with Kosty's lack of production.

Carbo was bred on the success of the Habs franchise - he witnessed the whole thing himself.

For those of you too young to remember, Carbo was a fantastic scorer in junior. In his final season he topped 180 points and 70 goals, and when he graduated to the NHL he soon found out that gaudy stats in junior don't earn you an NHL spot. The Habs had depth, and he had to earn his place.

Well - Carbo went down to Nova Scotia and worked hard...very hard. Even after a rookie season with 88 points in the AHL, Carbo was once again demoted to the Voyageurs. Guy worked on his defensive game, and the next season led the Voyageur in scoring with 94 points, while adding 124 penalty minutes. Guy was ready in season three, at the age of 22, and never looked back when he made the team in training camp. Carbo became known as one of the best defensive players in the history of the game, not something people in junior were ready to predict.

Kosty is the same age as Carbo was in that second AHL season. Guy took the bull by the horns and earned his spot in the NHL, becoming one of the most important components in the Habs last two Cup winners. Yet soem think we should be afraid of upsetting poor Andrei by keeping him in the miinors and wanting him to show some dominance.

I'm glad Carbo isn't giving Kostitsyn a free ride. People have to remember the Habs' history, and how the team is more important than the individual - wining was the most important thing. Gainey, Muller and Carbo all know what it takes to win a Cup, and it doesn't include giving lazy players a free ride. Carbo was there when the best Hab player of the past 35 years was relegated to fourth line duty because he wasn't working hard in his own zone. the same thing happened to Richard - both Guy and Maurice retired because of it.

Pierre Larouche was a 50-goal scorer in the NHL at the age of 19. Yet when he joined the Habs Scotty Bowman sat him in the press box for two seasons more than he played him. Why - he had a tendency of floating, missed defensive assignments (like Kosty did on a few occasions)).

Stphan lebeau scored 70 goals in the AHL and wasn't recalled by the Habs once that season - why should a fellow who has scored one pro goal this season be treated completely differently just because he was a high draft pick?

The Kovalev/Samsonov combo hasn't worked great, but it's not the first time for those players having difficulties clicking with other players. They are hard players to play with, and I think the feeling with Guy, Kirk et al is that they should be given lots of games to get used to each other. It's not like Sammy isn't working hard, and it should be noted that Kovy is adapting to a new postion midstream.

I wanted Kostitsyn to stay, but ultimately he has lost a full-time position with the club at this time to Latendresse, and nothing occurred over the past three games to change that. We shouldn't be upset that he was beat out by a fellow prospect, especially one that brings a more physical (and IMO smarter) element to his game.
Crazy talk. I have no problem demoting Kost as long as there is parity in the process. The fact is that Kost, in addition to paying his dues in the AHL, did every bit as much as Lats to deserve a chance with the big club. Yet Lats gets priority and is given every chance imagineable to impress.

I'm not saying the latter process applied to Lats is right or wrong, just simply that if that is the standard then apply it to every prospect across the board. And by the way, Kost looked better in his first few NHL games than Lats did in his, so how the heck did Lats beat him out of the spot? Crazy talk I tell you. I'm not here to rah, rah, rah for Kost; I would make the same observation if the roles for Lats and Kost were reversed.

It's simply about parity in the process. Just imagine the same thing happening where you work, where some guy who has been at the job two years less than you and who has not demonstrated he can do the job any better than you, gets a promotion ahead of you (perhaps simply because the boss feels that somewhere down the road this fella might be able to do the job better than you). I ask you, in all honesty, how would you feel?

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