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09-20-2013, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Except that we made moves that we didn't really need to make when we had glaring weaknesses. And we did this before the FreeAgency deadline even happened.

That's why he's taking heat here. The priorities are out of whack.


It's not too early to know if we could've done better here. We KNOW we could've done better than we did because we addressed areas that didn't need addressing and did so right away. Many (including me) feel that the Briere move actually hurt us more than it helped. And then we go get Murray who was almost last in the game of musical FA chairs...

Unlike Whiskey I'm not going to say that MB should be thrown out. But I can understand his frustration.

It's great that we're building long term. That's definitely something to be happy about. But Whiskey is right that the Briere move is something that we've seen for years now. It's never gotten us anywhere but here we go again. And what's worse is that we ignore our (very obvious and pressing) needs. THAT's why people are upset.

I still think we're a playoff team. I still think we'll score a bunch of goals. But our D sucks and our forwards are too small. Nobody stands in front of the net except Gallagher and nobody clears our net. It's like we've forgotten that this part of the game is actually important. We're a good team but we could be so much better right now.

And that's frustrating.
I understand the frustration I really do but you have to realize that the cap changes things. We cannot build a team by trade or free agency we have to build from within. While you're doing that you have to put a product on the ice. Changing Briere, Bouillon, Drewiske, Desharnais or whoever you don't like for whoever you like will just make you fell better.

What we all really want is to see is the team among the elite year in year out. That takes time. Before Detroit became the powerhouse organization we know they were the laughing stock of the nhl for 30 years even worst with Chicago.

Over the years the team stumbled badly. Because of those stumbling we tend to look at our feet instead of ahead. I think we're on the right track. Bergevin will make errors, nobody's perfect (even you whiskey ) but if his errors are short term we can live with that.

He built an organization that is the envy of the nhl right now. That, long term, is the most important.
Now some of Gauthier's picks are almost ready for the show. That's mid-term.
Short term is putting a product on the ice that competitive and will be fun to watch until we have the horse to be an elite team.

Have heart I think we are closer than many thinks.

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