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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
We aren't trying to build a team through free agency though. We already have a number of good to great pieces. Complementing that with 1-2 FAs that address current needs makes sense.

We aren't starting from scratch, so the whole it takes time argument doesn't make sense. We have an all-star goalie, two elite defenceman, one of whom is a Norris winner, and a deep offence. We are close to being a contender which is why we should be trying to get the missing pieces and take the next step. Instead we've decided to spin our tires for a couple years.

Relying solely on the draft to get the missing horses is a recipe for mediocrity. We won't be drafting high enough to get elite players with any kind of consistency. We will always be 2-3 years away because by the time a drafted player is able to address a need, a veteran has probably moved on opening up another need. We have a bright future, but it's not going to materialize if we just sit around waiting for it. We have to be proactive.
From what he's said and his moves, MB sees the cup window open up in a couple years once Galchenyuk is a top 6 center. That gives the young d-men(Tinrdi Beaulieu Pateryn Nygren etc) time to arrive and the young wingers(Bozon Hudon LeBlanc Collberg De la Rose McCarron) also.

What you see as "sitting around waiting for it" they see as going out and developing our young players so they are part of the core.

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