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Originally Posted by Penalty Kill Icing View Post
Ray Ferraro came on TSN1050 and thrashed Oilers GM for handing out this contract, and rightfully so.

Before he did that, he did appreciate future of RNH, and there is no doubting that really. But the points he made were solid:

RNH wasn`t going to be a RFA until next fall, and in worst case scenario; he would hold out. Let`s face it: even with a point a game season (in injury ridden season nonetheless), he wasn't going to command more than what he already got in this contract as a RFA. At this point, it is pretty much a given that Yakupov is getting 6 million as well.

A little premature to hand out this contract.
Which top 3 pick, having scored at PPG clip before signing their contract has signed for anywhere in the range of 5 to 6 million dollars?

edit: this will come up I bet. Kane signed a 6.3 million deal in 2009. His cap hit percentage was 11%. Which is todays cap is 7.13 million (11% x 64 million). RNHs contract also doesnt kick into till after next year, which the cap could be around 68-70 million. Ill split it down the middle and the contract would be worth 7.6 million.

Edit further: Kane didnt even have a ppg season when he signed that deal in Dec 2009. He was in the midst of it tho. 72 and 70 point seasons before

Maybe the closest is Tavares, but he only scored 67 point the season before he signed the contract.

In comparison, Stamkos signed 7.5 million after his PPG seasons, in which he was able to play easier minutes because of Leclavier.

Its a a very idealistic statement to say RNH would have signed a similar (6m) contract after a PPG season, since it hasnt happened.

If he does score around PPG next season, while handling #1 center duties. Hell be one of the youngest players to do so. Hes not signing at 6 million when players like Seguin has also done so.

I would also bet all my money that if the Tavares contract was pushed back one season, to after his ppg season (in which Ferrero is sugesting RNHs should have been done) He wouldnt sign for 5.5 milion. After seeing comparbale deals signed around him, hes upwards of 6.5 or 7.

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