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Originally Posted by ChaoticOrange View Post
Originally Posted by Drop The Mits View Post
Quick straw poll, kessel/jvr/Lupul at ~14m or nuge and hall at 12. I could probably find a terrible contract and add that onto your side but I won't because I'm not obtuse
But but but Lupul's always injured! Band aid/bust/terrible/small/other silly RNH arguments. I've actually
always liked Lupul even when he crumbled under the hometown pressure here.

And Kessel is a pending UFA likely looking for a payday that will assuredly be in excess of 6 million.

I picked RNH/Hall/Bolland/Clarkson because they're all long term contracts, go ahead and throw 1 more year of $5 mil Hemsky in there if you want, doesn't have any long term effects.

Or am I being obtuse?
Lupuls injuries are all different injuries as I have touched on earlier, which is more of a result of bad luck than being injury prone like RNH. Recurring injuries are WAY more of a concern than different injuries. You are being obtuse. JVR is signed for 4 years and same with Lupul IIRC. Bolland isn't a long term contract, he becomes a FA after this year hence why I replaced him with kessel since they are signed for the same amount of time. I'm just pointing out how stupid your comparison is because you cherry picked your best players and 5th best forward and our third line shut down centre.

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