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09-20-2013, 02:37 PM
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let's ignore the quality of play on the field for a moment and look at the bio for Rhodes and what he was brought in as president & CEO for.

"Len Rhodes has a clear vision for the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club and that is to create a sports and entertainment experience worthy of champions. "
" Under Rhodes' leadership, the Eskimos have significantly enhanced the game day experience "

I've only missed one home game since Rhodes has been hired. I have NO idea where this improved fan experience is. I don't see anything in the past two years that has enhanced the game day experience over the previous 10 years, for example.

it's been made worse actually by their increasingly pathetic use of the video screen in regards to their lack of showing replays.

I won't even offer the new seats as an example. the wider armrests seem to negate the extra width of the seat, so there isn't any more room for your butt. then you add the fact they used rider green on a third of them. plus I don't know how many times I've seen the plastic armrests come off when they've been bumped.

heck, in the sections near mine in the upper deck, they have even quit throwing out the mini footballs. a couple of years ago, they used to have kids throwing the balls, shooting streamers, and leading cheers.

I will give the esks credit for keeping the water fountains, so you are not forced to buy overpriced bottled water.

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