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09-20-2013, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Cullksinikers View Post
No **** they're almost all black and Latino. The people dying are gangbangers of poor areas. The truth is that white people aren't in gang-related activity a huge majority of the time, so that stat is astounding but still not a surprise at all. It's a war zone in some areas of Chicago, but the news keeps saying "people" are dying. No, thugs are shooting thugs and sometimes accidentally capping innocent bystanders like that three-year-old boy.
Thugs are shooting thugs, sure, but it's not just "sometimes" that innocent bystanders are getting shot. Saying otherwise is overly simplifying things, not to mention dehumanizing victims of violent crime in Chicago.

Originally Posted by Ace Rothstein View Post
The one girl commenting on there is full of **** stating that the police presence in non-white areas is non-existent. The police have been moving units out of those neighborhoods to their detriment to deal with all of the violence elsewhere.
Uh... don't give a **** what she says about other things, I was just quoting that one tweet due to the numbers and the percentage.

Her opinions on other things aren't relevant, nor do I even care. I was just quoting her because I follow Dan Sinker, the guy that did the parody Rahm Emmanuel account, and he retweeted that.


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