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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Markov wont be slower than he already is. He relies on positional play and if that is off, we suffer.

In no way am I comparing Murray to Chara in anything other than speed. Both are slow. Both can be effective on D.

I do agree with you regarding Diaz. However, he was here last season.

I am not a fan of Drewiske. I will say that his fight against McCormick is not a very good measure of his toughness though. Not too may players who arent enforcers would look good against McCormick either.
So a guy a year older on wonky knees is going to fight back father time and hold steady ? Markov's game need not be based on speed but he is going to get slower.

And chara, is a #1D. That ship sailed on murray if it ever even made it to the water. The people in SJ who loved murray, loved him despite the fact he was slow several years ago. They dont deny it.

And whiskey's toughness had nothing to do with a fight, in front of the net he's got nothing. really, zippola. Some will say cube can clear but he cant, hes too small ( although super strong) and he's getting old as well.

look at the sens series, guys like pageau could ride the crease with impunity and we had no answer for a tiny little guy. We were so deficient in this that we are willing to overlook murrays lack of speed because without someone to clear the front of the net, we will meet exactly the same fate. And if we do we will still have the same appologists saying " size if overated, we dont need to get a bigger D".
its gets tired after a while.

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