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09-20-2013, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsrback View Post
He disappears during the playoffs...sure this rings a bell with Vancouver fans. Oops, here comes the MTL Plek lover that will pursue me and tell me that I know nothing about hockey.

Seriously, he has used us to gradually fade away in the second half of the season. His unconditional fans will tell you that this is because he takes over bigger defensive responsibilities...but then you are in trouble if your supposed #1 C goes into puck-pushing mode when it counts.

Another overrated Hab is Gorges, who you are also starting to see his name circulate more on the threads. Solid #5 D who is paid like a #3 and played as a #2.

The Sens did us a big service by exposing these two players (plus Price) and all three will be playing a key season this year for their future in Montreal.
In an attempt to appear partial, you have slightly underrated both players. Plekanec may have consistency issues at times from a productivity perspective, however that is indicative of most defensive oriented two-way players. For comparison sake, he the opposite of say, Kesler or Bergeron, who are often the catalyst for an offensive play, albeit both are better players in either category. Plekanec is a poor man's first liner, but more ideally a good second line centre.

Again, you are disregarding defense as a worthwhile attribute. Gorges, when at his best, is a stalwart defensive defenseman; top four. His nonexistent offense may not suit every team per se, but when paired with an offensive minded player, he allows them to play a more reckless game and focus exclusively on his own strengths. A fifth defenseman is more Tanev, Oduya and etc. That said, I do agree Gorges has no business being used above the second pairing.

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