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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post

anybody who ends up in your top 3 or top 4 all time points leader for defensemen ON THIS TEAM, deserves to be up there, i mean, he's gonna get past harvey ffs

that said, im not mad if anybody thinks different. markov does lack the hardware but to be fair, he was robbed of a norris imo

edit: and he's gonna get into that top 3 without even being in the top 10 for games played. whaddup

Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
this is a team honouring a player , it's not a league honour.

in 3 years Markov may surpass Serge Savard in points, if you think about that in the context of the crud that Markov played with in his career, and the annual offensively challenged teams there were, well I don't think anyone's standards have been lowered for his inclusion.
This sums it up perfectly.

Originally Posted by ChoseLa View Post
Neither Sak nor Markov. Unless he becomes instrumental in a cup win. The next number to be retired could be 76; between Roy and Subb there is noone worthy of the rafters. And i love both of Markov and Sak.

Not saying Subban has proven enough yet but he's the first candidate since Roy.
Really?! You're willing to consider Subban as a candidate in the future but not the guy who has already surpassed some of the greats and about to take over the #3 spot in points for a defense-man comfortably?!!

Winning a cup would be icing on the cake AFAIC but not winning it does not in any way shape or from affect how deserving he already is of that honor.

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