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09-20-2013, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Drew311 View Post
He would be given the chance to work on the unpolished aspects of his game like I mentioned previously. Contrary to the belief around here, Rielly isn't the perfect player and still needs to improve considering how young he is. Sure his skaing and passing is excellent, but it takes a hell of a lot more to succeed at the NHL level.

The better question is what harm will be done by sending him back? Will the Leafs be a measurably worse team without him? Is the chance of him regressing better if he is sent back to junior? I think the answer to both of these questions is no.

This is going to be a very high pressure season for the Leafs, as they're finally competitive again which brings high expectations. Factor in the intense media scrutiny and the **** show that will be the HBO 24-7 production, I just don't think this is the right year to expect Rielly to actually develop correctly in the NHL.
You guys realize that Rielly will still make mistakes whether he's a rookie this year or next year right?

I really feel like this is the problem with many Leaf fans. They preach patience but patience isn't just "Let's keep this player somewhere else until he's perfect and doesn't make mistakes!".

No one who is advocating keeping Rielly thinks he's perfect or can't improve. They just think he stands to learn the most at the NHL level.

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