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11-21-2006, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by zurg999 View Post
Would you honestly take Mr. 'inconsistency personified' Ribeiro back on this team?
Yes. The second line was better with Ribeiro, and an alternative was not addressed before moving Ribeiro (or in the few months after, for that matter. We're still waiting...).

Originally Posted by zurg999 View Post
Ninimaa was a depth move that has paid benefits to date and will continue to do so down the road.
Niinimaa's a great individual in the lockerroom. On the ice, he's not so good. Any waiver-wire player would have offered as much as Niinimaa has and cost less.

Originally Posted by zurg999 View Post
I don't see the 2nd line struggling being as much of a problem right now as some do. Kovy and Samsonov are a legitimate threat any time they are on the ice and if nothing else they will continue to draw checking pressure away from the other lines.
I wasn't concerned about the second line that much until I started worrying about them caught on the ice against specific opponents. They've been dominated on a shiftly basis this past week. It was embarrassing for them.

I don't believe they draw pressure away from other lines so much. Opponents don't place their best defensive players on the ice versus the Kovalev line; they play their top line. Lecavalier versus Kovalev whenever TB could; Jokinen versus Kovalev whenever FLA could; Kovalchuk versus Kovalev whenever ATL could.

It was equally frustrating seeing Carbonneau toss the Kovalev line on the ice for defensive zone faceoffs.

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