Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Flyers sign Matt Read to extension [4 years, $3.625M AAV]
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09-20-2013, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Djp View Post
first off learn LTIR---you dont get all his salary and free to spend.

second----dont see the cap going up $5M in one year. Max would be about $3M.

Lets look at their contracts.......

under contract for 2014:

11 forwards
4 dmen
0 goalies

cap space about $7M + Pronger LTIR (<$4.9M) + $3M if cap goes up

They need to sign Schenn + 2 forwards + 3 Dmen + 2 goalies......

have fun trying to do that. Say you have $14M to spend

Schenn say $4M
2 cheap forwards $1M each
2 cheap Dmen $1M each
1 more expensive Dman $4M

you still have to sign 2 goalies.....
First off, it's not "first off", it's "first of all".

Second off, Schenn would have to have a huge season to get $4m per and that's assuming they don't resign him early in the season like they usually do.

Third off, maybe you need to learn about LTIR considering you counted a guy who will be on it against the Flyers cap.

Fourth off, since when do 13th and 14th forwards and 7th dman make $1m each? They can all easily be found for $600-$700k.

Fifth off, you do know that there are ways to move salary right? Even if they decide they can't afford him (which they can) he's now much more valuable signed through his prime at a great cap hit.

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