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09-21-2013, 12:24 AM
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No cup, no jersey retirement.

And don't get me wrong, I loved Koivu and love Markov but neither have won anything of note with us. They are the best we had in the last 15 or so years but that doesn't mean anything.

Originally Posted by BigDaddyLurch
Koivu's value to the organization and fanbase is more than a HoF vote; he was the inspiration of a decade of Habs faithful...his jersey should hang from the rafters of the Bell Centre the moment he hangs 'em up.
So you and a bunch of people (including myself btw) loved him. Why does that mean we should retire his jersey? Its not a popularity contest nor a ''best effort'' award. The most storied and successful franchise in hockey (and perhaps sport) should not retire the jersey of anyone who doesn't have at least a cup or two.

Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet
The overrating of Markov is a sad example of how far this team has fallen and how removed the fanbase is from true greatness. People can try to make a case for a linear statistical comparison but it is an exercise of ignorance.
And your statement is an excellent example of ''what have you done lately?'' mentality. I remember him being clearly a top5 defensemen for a couple of years. It was also consensus amongst other fanbases, before you call me homer.

Please note I'm not trying to say he's even close to being candidate for having his jersey retired, just that a lot of people forget how great Markov was for us. He was actually underrated most of his career. He's the best Hab of the last decade. Lucky for us Subban looks set to have an even better career. (which means we'd likely have to retire his number too, and Galchenyuk's, if we retire Koivu and Markov. Retiring 2 players per decade is just too much unless its a dynasty era)

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