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Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
This would be a disaster.

Strålman is the epitome of the undervalued defenceman - i.e. a defenceman that you get the most value per paid dollar for. He is a PMD that doesn't put up big points.

Chicago's D is stacked with this type of guys. Hjalmarsson, Oduya, Rozsival.

Players with a lot of hits and blocks are on the other hand overvalued. Teams have to pay more for these guys despite the fact that hits and blocks doesn't contribute to winning games. Chicago already let go of Bolland as he is paid too much for his contributions. They should also consider trading Seabrook.

These guys aren't useless, but since they are overvalued around the league the best way to use them is to exploit the market inefficiency and trade them for undervalued assets. That way you make a net gain in value.
I don't think you have any idea of what you are talking about.

The kind of hockey you like to watch is the european style hockey more on the softer side.
In the NHL, players who have the heart and guts to throw their body in front of 100 MPH pucks, who play the body and can shutdown the competition top players are highly valued because they have a valuable skillset, not because of a "market inefficiency".

Let me see, who should I believe, some bloggers who probably have never played the game or my eyes, NHL GM's and people who have been around hockey all their lives. Hummm, that's a tough choice

What I won't respect is some kids who don't know the game pretend they do and insult players who put their bodies on the line each and every game and call them useless.

Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
What I'm saying is that if they can handle the wear and tear of 1st pairing minutes (one concern regarding Strålman), it shouldn't be a big factor.

What I'm saying is that considering how well Strålman handled his minutes last year, and how extremely successful the McDonagh-Strålman pairing was (outscoring the opposition 19-5 5v5, dominating possession). I think he should be on a 1A pairing with McDonagh to the 1B pairing of Staal-Girardi.

I'm just saying that while there isn't a lot of evidence that he could handle 1st pairing minutes (since he barely has played in the role), there isn't any evidence that he couldn't.
Stralman has struggled throughout his career, he played sheltered minutes under Torts' tough love and finally did well, now he can take over first pairing minutes? Jumping the gun, are't you kid?
I am pretty confident that Stralman as a top pairing D is a disaster waiting to happen.

This is what Torts said about Stralman:
I like him because he has stepped up when we’ve kicked him
Funny line, but guess what? Torts is not around anymore to kick him, so let's see how he handles the lack of kicking.
By the way, which advanced stat shows how much kicking it took for Stralman to step up?
He is good at what he is; a bottom pairing Dman who can play top 4 in a pinch.
The only place where there is no evidence that he cannot handle top pairing minutes is your imagination.

Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
It is a tricky situation, I agree.

The only way I see out of it is to deal Girardi and Callahan (also on the verge of a big overpayment) to separate teams and get younger, cheaper players beck for the equivalent roles.

I had a series of trades in mind in the other thread that basically came down to Callahan and Girardi for Gallagher, Fayne, and Pysyk (Callahan to Buffalo, not NJ!). But both MTL and BUF fans seem disinterested.

Though going by some Devils fans Fayne could be had for a 2nd, which any team should jump all over. If we could get Fayne for just picks we could trade Girardi for picks/futures.

But that is never going to happen.
So it's not only Girardi that you have problems against, it's Callahan too. Interesting you don't seem to like their physical style. On the other hand, you like Stralman, Fayne, Pysyk and Gardiner, not as physical. To each his own, but don't come here and insult players who play with heart, you don't seem to appreciate or even know what that means.
Since there is no advanced stat that measures how big a heart or cojones are, I am pretty sure you consider them useless.

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