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Originally Posted by LeMAD View Post
This is not a stupid post, and I wasn't comparing at all their upsides, but right now, McCarron and Blunden are really similar players. Great size and speed, both are pretty intense and physical players.

Now McCarron already has a better shot, better hands and better hockey sense. I really think McCaron is a good pick, but right now he's much more similar to Blunden than Wheeler or Primeau, the first one basing his game purely around skill and the latter was pretty slow, not too skilled, but extremely intense, agressive and had was a top notch defensive player.
Primeau for being not too skilled still racked up some 25+goals per year quite a few times. And while he was a good defensive player, people underestimate McCarron ability to also be a complete player. Something which will be known as his career progresses. And the aggressivity, well it comes with experience and not being too shy as, also, your career progresses.

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