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01-14-2004, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by McDonald19
1) Murray has taken a step towards throwing the towel in by putting veteran checkers Craig Johnson and Dan Bylsma on waivers and bringing up kids Martensson and Kunitz.

But don't you view those players as "bit players," relatively speaking? Johnson and Bylsma are fourth-liners, fringe players. Once Murray starts moving core players, then I'd consider it throwing in the towel. Can't see that happening for quite some time yet.

2)I agree on the second point. Particulary with the CBA issue for next year, I believe 5 or 6 teams should give up a couple high level prospects and go for the cup because there may not be any hockey next year. Its now or never for some teams so why worry about trading a prospect that may or may not make it big?

For what it's worth (not much :p ), I don't think there will be a work stoppage next fall. Regardless, we agree on this point. Collecting young talent is a means to an end. That is, it is part - usually a significant part - of putting together a Cup team. It is not however, the end goal, itself (except to a few here on HF). Just one example, if Murray worried about giving up a young Mike Commodore last spring, Ducks would not have had Neidemayer, a major contributor to their playoff run.

3)If I was a GM and not a dissapointed fan I would think about these things a little differently.

Don't give up hope yet. Your team showed a ton of heart last spring. A ton. And this is not the Canes; this team is more talented. They may not get over their Cup hangover this season (I still think there is ample time), but they have one advantage over most teams in the NHL - the invaluable experience of last year. That will serve them well, if not this season, in the future.

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