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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Time to be more strict as to who gets his jersey retire. I thought they made a couple of mistakes, no need to make some more. At best, both Markov and Saku could be in the ring of honors. But at some point, while it might not be their fault, unless you didn't totally dominate your sport, like Marcel Dionne or Gilbert Perreault did, you don't see your jersey being retired. Your jersey is retired because you were a KEY player in KEY teams in history. They might have been very good players....but their teams were average to say the least. So it will be tougher now to see jersey being retired as you will not see a whole lot of dynasties anymore like we used to see before and frankly, that's fine with me. Still needs some jerseys to wear. But let's learn from our mistakes to not make them ever again. For the purpose of the discussion, jerseys I would not have retired would have been: Bouchard, Geoffrion, Moore, Cournoyer and Gainey. All great players....but when you then compare them to the others, it's not in the same category. And like somebody could even have a case for Jacques Lemaire, WAY more than Koivu and Markov.

And if you bring it to another level, you could have only retired the likes of Plante, Harvey, Béliveau, Maurice Richard, Lafleur, Henri Richard who in the end takes care of each position and represents the greatness of this team.

Was not going to ask for retiring his jersey...but searching for things I cam across this moment I will never forget....sad in a way, but so touching in other ways. And to see all those greats still living from Blake to Harvey to Plante.....this was just awesome to see.

if the Habs were to go with your standards, there would be no more retired jerseys, ever.

I'm not saying he should have his jersey retired, but lest not forget Markov never had a chance to partner with guys like Robinson, Pointu or Savard had in the 70's, never had a chance to play for a dynasty like those three D or the 50's dynasty, had injuries that made him miss (more or less) two and a half of his prime years... and yet, whenever we'll discuss who are the best D in Habs history we'll HAVE to include his name as he's probably going to retire among the top 3 D in points in the whole Habs history... given the context, it's no small feat.

the only reason I wouldnt retire his jersey is because he never got any significant individual award. The teams he played for sucked, not his faut, but he doesnt have a Norris (or other significant award) and never had "crazy" seasons (I dunno, scoring 30, getting 90 pts, whatever).

Otherwise, on an individual level he managed to be the best PP QB in the league (still is IMO), made other D look like all stars (Komisarek prime example), had/have a career playing with Komi, Souray, Streit, Schneider, Diaz, Subban, and so on, played on last place teams, had to deal with management circus...

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